The Luxury of Remote Starts

The Luxury of Remote Starts

The Luxury of Remote Starts

Imagine being able to push a button that would start your car on a day that the temperature was below freezing. By the time you got to your car you could sit in 50 degree + temperatures and be warm and toasty for the ride to or home from work.

Two-step process requiring professional install

(hey we know a good professional….us!!!).


First step:

A module or controller is installed in your car

Second step:

It is programmed with your remote which is the key chain you will use to start your car


At KC Tint Works we use Compustar remote start systems which are compatible with over 90% of cars so we can almost always get you the results you want. It doesn’t matter if your car is a hybrid, diesel fuel engine or an older model, the Compustar System works with almost all cars. More importantly, it does not negate your car warranty because of Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act in 1975.

It also has built-in safety features that guarantee to prevent car theft at 100%, that’s right we said 100%. Although the engine is on the driver still has to have the physical key to drive otherwise the car automatically will shut down which will deter any thief from driving off with your car.

Remote starts make your life better both in the winter as well as with the scorching summer heat. We would love to get one installed for you today!