The Best Part About Serving Kansas City

The Best Part About Serving Kansas City

Many people have asked us over the years what our favorite part of being such a staple company of the Kansas City community is and our answer has always been “the people that we get to work with and meet on a daily basis.”

The truth is that there is never a dull day around our office. Between having a bar as a waiting room and offering the most cutting edge products for your car, we have some pretty awesome days.

Salvador Perez, One of Our Favorite Clients

One of our favorite clients to help is the unbelievably talented Salvador Perez. As huge Royals fans, we have been lucky enough and honored to work on multiple cars for Salvy.

The Royals have had some major success over the past few years and much of their success is due in part to Perez. He was signed by the Royals at only 16 years old. Perez spent the first few years playing for the rookie team in Arizona. He was finally called up in 2011 to the Majors and became an integral part of the Kansas City Royals success the following years. Salvador Perez helped lead the Royals to a World Series run in 2014 and a World Series Championship in 2015 and was named the MVP of the series.

He’s won four Golden Glove Awards and this past year won his first Silver Slugger award. Besides being an all-star player, he’s also made a name for himself as a fun guy by following superstitions like wearing Victoria’s Secret Perfume before a game and continuing the tradition of the “Salvy Splash” in which he pours Gatorade on the game’s best player.

Perez’s Cars

KC Tint Works has been lucky enough to work on multiple cars of Perez. An amazing athlete with a huge personality has to have a car that matches. Check out the last couple of cars we were able to help him take to the next level:

If you want your car to look as awesome as Salvy’s, give us a call today (816) 734-9090.