When to Remove Your Winter Tires

When to Remove Your Winter Tires

Getting a car ready for spring is usually a lot easier than preparing for winter. In fact, the two primary concerns of most drivers are cleaning and changing the tires. However, they don’t always know the correct time to make these crucial changes.

buy atturo tiresWhen Can I Change My Winter Tires?

Winter tires in Denver are designed to drive easily over snow and ice. While it is uncommon, cold weather and adverse winter driving conditions can last until early April. Because winter tires can be used on warm, sunny days, it is better to leave them on until all of the risks have passed. Remember, Colorado can have beautiful weather but still produce slushy driving conditions!

Why Can’t I Leave Winter Tires on Year Round?

The biggest difference between all-season and winter tires is the tread. Winter tires use special designs that help them produce more traction in cold temperatures. This helps to produce a smoother ride despite snow or ice. This tread can easily wear down as the cold, damp road conditions start to disappear.

Keeping winter tires on all year long will cause strain on the tires. You may even find yourself making more frequent repairs or replacements!

Inspecting Tires for Damage

Weather changes are an easy way to remember to check the tires for wear and tear. Before putting on your spring and summer tires, look for cracks, nicks, and wear. Make any necessary repairs before replacing all four tires. If you aren’t sure what to look for, talk to a professional.

Custom Tires and Rims May Require Special Care

While custom tires and rims can give a car a lot of personality, they may not be suitable for colder or warmer weather. Before you buy, talk to a professional about how often the tires will need to be changed out. In some cases, it is more practical to invest in custom spring and winter tires, safely storing the unused set at home.

Where to Get Great Spring Tires

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