Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative Tint Options

There are so many options in commercial tinting than just solar or room darkening tint. Decorative tint can jazz up any drab space, provide a good way to separate rooms or even add privacy to an otherwise transparent room. Decorative tinting options have become essential to making your commercial or residential space stand out from the crowd. There really isn’t anything that can’t be done with the newest offerings of decorative tint.

We Use the Best Brands in the Business

Heat blocking, UV blocking, safety and privacy are the logical things that tinting takes care of. Adding a look that transforms your average building to look like the windows inside a 1900’s chapel with a stain glass tinted look or frosting your windows with your logo, that’s the fun and exciting part of what tinting can add to your space. Since we love to do awesome and exciting projects, we insist on using only the best film in the industry for our decorative tinting. We exclusively use Soulyx and Solargard to make sure each project exceed your needs.

KC Tint Works is ready to make your space the most decorative on the block. Call today for your free consultation on how decorative window film can make you stand out (816) 734-9090.