How to Outfit a Law Enforcement Vehicle

How to Outfit a Law Enforcement Vehicle

It’s no secret that law enforcement vehicles require a lot of customization in Kansas City. Whether you are a growing security company or want to modernize your police car, you need to work with a customization specialist. Here is how to get started.

Make Sure Your Plans are Compliant

All law enforcement vehicles follow strict regulations. If the vehicle is owned by someone else, you will need to get them involved in the customization process. This is usually a chief or manager, who likely already has a list of work they need to be done on the vehicle. If they don’t quite know what customizations are needed, they can develop a strategy with a professional.

Vehicle Wraps

Creating a uniform look is important. While there are several ways to accomplish this, a vehicle wrap is usually installed. The wrap allows for very vivid colors and clear lettering. This also allows the cars to be easily distinguishable. Because the wraps are all printed and can cover the entire car if needed, every vehicle in the fleet can look the same.

Window Tints

Privacy is important when working in the law-enforcement industry. Tinted windows make it harder for individuals to see into the vehicle. It also helps protect drivers, making it easier to see out of windows in bright sunlight.

Audio / Video Upgrades

Depending on the requirements of the company, you may need to upgrade your car’s audio or video equipment. Upgraded systems allow for better communication and easily sync to other specialized technology.

Outfitting a Law Enforcement Vehicle with a Professional

Detail is important when it comes to auto customization. Working with a professional assures you that no stone is left unturned during the installation or design process. Experienced professionals know that it takes a little more than graphics, a sound system, and window tints to make a proper law enforcement vehicle. They will be happy to share some industry insight with you to help you better plan your vehicle.

Experienced Auto Installations and Upgrades

At KC Tint Works, we want you to create the vehicle that perfectly suits your needs. Contact us today to see how our experienced technicians can help your law enforcement agency.