You Deserve the Best Boat Out There

You’ve already made the awesome decision to be a boat owner and you’ve clearly invested a lot of money in joining the members only boat owners club. However, owning the boat isn’t enough. Now it’s time to really make that boat your own. Whether it be a speed boat to take to Party Cove with your friends or a houseboat to entertain your family on, there are many upgrades that will make your time on the water amazing.

How Should We Upgrade Your On-Water Lifestyle?

We offer many different options to upgrade your marine baby. Check out some of the options we can talk about to make you the best looking boat owner on the water.

Audio Systems

Let us help you pick out the perfect audio system that will radiate over the crashing waves. We can help you choose the best fit for your needs as well as fully install your new system.

Interior/Exterior Lighting

Since much of your summer will now be spent on the water, let us help you get the perfect set-up installed. We can help with both the interior and exterior lighting of your boat to give you perfect vision while navigating the waves at night or entertaining guests down in the cabin.

Vinyl Wraps

Imagine making that boat an entire customer experience starting with the exterior look. Vinyl wraps on marine equipment is one of the most exciting things to hit the industry in a long time. No more settling for just your whimsical name on the back of the boat, let’s now make sure the entire boat represents your style.

KC Tint Works is ready to get you ready for an amazing summer on the water. Call today to start talking about your custom marine experience (816) 734-9090.