Let Us Upgrade Your Building

KC Tint Works wants to help solve your commercial window tinting needs. We provide solutions to many heat, glare, privacy and security issues common on commercial buildings. With a combined experience of over 50 years from our installers, you can expect a knowledgeable professional to help you decide on which film will provide the optimal solution to your problem.

Using only high quality films and the highest standards during installation, you receive not only a warranty, but also a guarantee that you will not have problems after the fact. We are ready to help you feel more comfortable in your building today!

The Reasons Why You Should Consider Tinting Your Building

Professionally installed tint films allow you to bring light that enters your building under control and help with all of these issues:

  • Worker comfort – Reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots.
  • Tenant retention – The elimination of hot and cold spots caused by unprotected windows increase the usable space in your facility.
  • Prevent Sun Damage – UV Rays streaming through windows can damage skin, your products and even your company furnishings. Professionally installed tinting can block more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

Check out these different types of tinting we can talk about:

Safety and Security Window Tinting

Solar Control Window Film

Decorative Window Tint

KC Tint Works is ready to take your building to the next level. Call today to schedule your free evaluation (816) 734-9090.