3 Great Benefits of Remote Start

3 Great Benefits of Remote Start

One of the most useful vehicle upgrades is a remote start in Kansas City. While most people simply see remote start as a cool way to start your car, it is much more than that. This customization saves you time and can add security to your vehicle.

What is a Remote Start?

A remote start is a system that allows your vehicle to be started without the use of a key. Instead, the vehicle is being started with the push of a button. Available range may vary depending on the service being used.

Improved Security

Remote start services are often controlled via a mobile app. Not only is this very convenient, it also allows you to clearly see if your vehicle is being tampered with. Advanced features send notifications when anyone is trying to get inside of your vehicle.

Defog Your Windows While You Get Ready

One of the worst feelings is being in a hurry, but being unable to safely leave the driveway due to fogged windows. While you could try to wipe the windows with your sleeve, you risk leaving noticeable and distracting streaks. Instead, use remote start to defog your windows as you are getting ready. Then your car will be ready to go when you need it!

Preheat Your Car

Stepping into a cold car in the middle of winter is like sitting in the freezer for a few minutes. Rather than suffer the cold, start your car a few minutes before you need to leave. Not only will your interior be warm and cozy for you, you’ll be melting any ice or snow under your hood, helping to create a more streamlined experience.

Where to Get a Remote Start

At KC Tint Works, we work hard to bring you the best customizations in Kansas City. Our high-quality remote start systems are easily installed. Contact us to get the professional customization service your car deserves.