Save Time Everyday with Remote Starters

Save Time Everyday with Remote Starters

Remote starts are one of the most useful upgrades people can make. Being able to open quickly, lock, and start your car from a distance allows you to save time. At KC Tint Works, we strive to bring you quality remote start systems in Kansas City. Here is a quick guide to our remote start systems so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase.

What is a Remote Start System?

A remote start is a small device that allows for keyless entry into the vehicle. Instead of placing the key in the lock, you can push a button to lock and unlock the vehicle instantly. Remote start systems add an extra feature, allowing you to start the engine on the same keyfob.

Who Makes Remote Starts?

KC Tint Works uses Compustar systems. The brand offers several different models that work with most vehicles. We carry a few different models that can be installed very quickly. The most significant difference between the models is how many buttons are on the key, trunk options, and 2-way systems.

The Cost of Installation

The best part about remote start in Kansas City is the overall cost. We offer a primary CS910 system for $250 installed. This is the ideal choice for trucks and provides a very simplistic, single-button design. Another popular option is the CS920, a four-button system that includes a trunk opening feature. More advanced features and systems start at $329, making many useful features accessible to everyday drivers.

Get a Quality Remote Start System Today

Getting a remote start system that meets your needs might be easier than you think. At KC Tint Works, we carry a wide range of Compustar systems ready to install. If you are seeking more advanced remote start features, contact us to learn about some of the latest systems on the market.