4 Modern Features to Look for in Car Audio Systems

4 Modern Features to Look for in Car Audio Systems

Car audio in Kansas City has come a long way in the past year. Many advanced and specialty features are becoming commonplace. This makes upgrading to a custom audio system more affordable and gives drivers access to very useful features. If you are planning on upgrading your audio system, here are just a few must-have features to include.

Turn by Turn Navigation

There are many ways to get directions through your audio system. You can connect an audio cable to your phone and use an app, you can use a traditional GPS system, or you can upgrade to a built-in system. Having a built-in navigation system with voice commands allows you to access directions while keeping your eyes on the road easily. If you choose to add a visual display or touch screen, you can easily glance at the directions while you are stopped.

Real-Time Traffic Data

Trip planning has never been easier than it is now. Much like using a voice-controlled GPS navigation system, traffic data can be given to you through your custom sound system. This allows you to easily modify your route based on traffic incidents or slowdowns.

Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Bluetooth isn’t exactly new technology, but it is a must-have for the modern audio system. Cables can easily become unplugged and cause a driving distraction. If you want to stream music or take advantage of your smartphone features while driving, Bluetooth is a necessity.

Wireless Texting

Nothing is more distracting than texting while driving. One way to eliminate this hazard is to invest in voice activation features that connect wirelessly to your smartphone. Your car’s audio system will announce who is calling, read your texts, and send messages back without you having to touch a button.

Get Custom Audio Systems

Getting the perfect audio system is easy when you work with KC Tint Works. Contact us today to learn more about modern sound systems and the features they offer drivers.