Does Your Kansas City Vehicle Need Winter Tires?

Does Your Kansas City Vehicle Need Winter Tires?

Upgrading your tires can be an investment. Every year, drivers wonder whether or not they need to winterize their vehicle and what areas they should focus on. Tires are one of the most crucial parts of winterization, as they can make it easier to travel across snow and ice. Use this guide to learn more about the importance of winter tires in Kansas City and see how your vehicle can benefit from them.

tires in Kansas CityUnderstanding the Kansas City Climate

If you are new to Kansas City, you’ll quickly realize that we don’t get as much snowfall as the rest of the US in a typical year. We tend to have far more sunny days per year than the US average, so snow and ice can melt fairly quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that the roads are never hazardous. Sleek ice can easily hide under densely packed snow, making it difficult to drive.

Traveling with Winter Tires

While drivers may not see much snow stuck to the roads in the downtown area, it is important to remember that most people live in quiet neighborhoods. These small streets are not always plowed right away. Having winter tires makes it easier to travel across these snowy roads to get to work or school.

If you are planning on traveling outside of city limits this winter, investing in new tires can help you tackle the uncertain terrain. Those planning on traveling along the country roads of Missouri or Kansas should consider winter tires as early as possible.

The Difference Winter Tires Can Make

Winter tires use a unique tread compound that makes it easier to grip in cold weather. This not only reduces slipping, but it also helps to improve braking overall. The rubber grips don’t harden due to extreme weather exposure, so you don’t need to worry as much about the tires cracking or chipping from temperature.

Learn More about Winter Preparations

Prepare your vehicle with the help of KC Window Tint. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect tires for tackling winter weather.