4 Extreme Car Colors Perfect for Making a Statement

4 Extreme Car Colors Perfect for Making a Statement

Getting a new, vibrant look for a vehicle isn’t always easy. While custom vehicle wraps in Kansas City allow for endless color combinations, many car owners are torn on what will get the most attention. Commercial wraps usually center around the color scheme of an existing logo, but residential wraps are far more flexible. If you are looking to create a truly unique vehicle, you may want to consider one of these extreme shades.

Lime Green

Greens and yellows always stand out in a crowd. While fluorescent yellows can be included in a car design, most people opt for a darker shade of green. If the vehicle wrap is going to feature a design, the details will be much easier to see on a lime green background then on something so bright.

Hot Pink

While most drivers don’t care for pale shades of pink, incorporating a more vibrant shade can create a very dramatic impression. Some drivers may opt for a hot pink paint job, while others create a custom vehicle wrap that features shades of blue, purple, or black.


One of the benefits of choosing an orange color is that it can be appreciated by almost anyone. Citrus colors are a bit extreme, but it isn’t as uncommon to see an orange car driving down the road. In fact, many car manufacturers use duller shades of orange or rust as part of their line!


Not every extreme car color has to be a vibrant neon tone. Sophisticated metal shades can create a distinct look that instantly catches the eye. Talk to a graphic designer in Kansas City about incorporating a few bright metallic or chrome shades in your custom wrap.

Choosing an Eye-Catching Color

Creating a great look for your vehicle doesn’t have to be hard. KC Tint Works is always working with drivers to get unique vehicle wraps and customizations. Contact us today to learn more.