Benefits of Commercial Tinting

Benefits of Commercial Tinting

If you’ve ever worked in an office without windows, you know how important natural light is for mood and morale, especially in the dead of winter. But there are some downsides to those big windows as well — from the heat they let in to glare, fading, and even safety issues. In comes commercial window tinting to the rescue! Ahead, we look at the benefits of commercial window tinting, and how tinting can give you the best of both worlds.

Energy savings

Windows let in more sunlight, but also more heat, increasing your energy bills. But when windows are tinted, the amount of additional heat let in — and out — decreases, improving your building’s energy efficiency as well as your overhead costs. And the best part is, commercial tinting can look and feel a lot of different ways, including clear tinting that will block the leaks and additional heat while still letting that natural light in.

Protect furniture, carpeting, and floors

You don’t need to close the curtains by day to protect your interior! By blocking much of the sun’s rays, tinting also prevents sun-faded upholstery, carpeting, and flooring, extending their life and look.

UV protection

While it’s still dermatologist-recommended to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, we aren’t generally used to thinking about protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays while indoors. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by them while inside. Tinting windows can reduce UV rays by up to 90%, limiting the harm done while spent enjoying those big office windows.

Eliminate glare

Again, everyone wants the office with the big windows, but what about the disruptive glare the light from those windows can cause? These days, nearly everyone works at a computer screen — sometimes even at multiple screens — but too much sun can impact screen visibility, causing headaches and reducing productivity. Tinting can alleviate all of that.

Increase privacy – and safety

If privacy and safety are concerns, dark window tinting can prevent passersby from being able to peer into your commercial building — still letting light in, but blocking interior views to outsiders.


From decorative window tints to subtly-darkened tints, there’s a window tint for every style and aesthetic, allowing you to easily change your commercial building’s look.