How to Add a Little Personality to Your Vehicle

How to Add a Little Personality to Your Vehicle

You don’t need to get a full vehicle wrap in Kansas City to change the look of your car. While many businesses support getting a full wrap to take advantage of advertising space, many individual drivers think that this is “a bit much.” Choosing to get a smaller graphic is a great way to give the car a little personality or draw attention to your logo. Here are a few simple, practical ideas drivers can use to make their car look one-of-a-kind.

White Logos on Tinted Windows

If you want to take your uniqueness a step further, try getting a window tint in addition to a small vinyl graphic. The dark shades of the tint can make the colors on the graphic appear more vibrant and really stand out. This is a great solution for businesses or those with simple designs.

Colorful Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics come in all shapes and sizes. Because they are made-to-order, they are extremely flexible regarding color and style. If you want to add a small bit of art to the hood, doors, or trunk, investing in a custom vinyl sticker is the easiest way to achieve your goal.

Add Multiple Colors

Some people don’t want to add a logo to their vehicle at all. Instead, they want to create an abstract design, such as making the bottom half of the car appear in a different color. Partial vehicle wraps or vinyl stickers can help achieve this look, but the driver will likely need to talk to a graphic designer. The graphic designer can help select the most efficient application method.

Vibrant Logos and Custom Art

Getting a more personalized look for your vehicle is easy when you work with KC Tint Works. Contact one of our local experts to help you create the perfect image for your car.